Orwell didn’t invent dystopias in fiction, but 1984 has proved to be the most enduring and an influence on everything that followed. An earlier book ‘We’ by Russian author  Yevgeny Zamyatin published in 1921, is sometimes cited as an influence on Orwell. In 1946 Orwell reviewed the book in Tribune, calling it “one of the literary curiosities of this book-burning age”. However by this time he had already formulated all the main ideas that would feature in 1984. A non-fiction work that was probably a bigger influence was  ‘The Managerial Revolution’ by the American Trotskyist James Burnham. Other works that Orwell was aware of and would have considered included Aldous Huxley’s ‘Brave New World’ (1932) and Jack London’s ‘The Iron Heel’.


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Aye up – I'm a documentary photographer from Manchester in the UK. This is an occasional blog all about me, me, me. Well actually it's just about my photography.

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