The 1950s saw some covers portray Nineteen Eighty-Four as ‘pulp’ (i.e. a salacious, cheap thrill style of fiction). In the USA the first Signet paperback [left] cover warns of “Forbidden Love… Fear… Betrayal…” and promises the purchaser a book of “terror in a world many of us may live to see”. Although the illustration features some elements as described in the book, such as the pyramid of the Ministry of Truth, or Big Brother poster, other elements such as Julia’s cleavage or the leather clad member of the Thought Police are an attempt to add titillation. By the 1959 edition [right] the pulp style had passed and Winston and Julia had become a wholesome all-American couple on the run from Big Brother.


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Aye up – I'm a documentary photographer from Manchester in the UK. This is an occasional blog all about me, me, me. Well actually it's just about my photography.

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