New censored edition

nineteeneightyfourdropshadow569_0A new Penguin edition of 1984 designed by David Pearson has just come out. It features the orignal ornage band design of Penguin’s original paperback with the title and author blacked out as if they were censored. Quite witty and clever, however it needs to be remembered that in the book the Party don’t censor they change the record. Winston spends his days altering back copies of The Times. The party don’t pass repressive laws because there are no need for laws, people censor and repress themselves. This idea was important to Orwell and partly came from his experience as a BBC producer where scripts were self censored by the writers to a level beyond what an official censor would inflict. The new cover also once again shows how imbedded in the culture 1984 is. It is one  of the few books that has had covers which don’t feature the title or author (See Jon Gray’s 2009 anniversary edition for Penguin).
More on Pearson’s design and his other new Orwell covers, here.


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