Links for David Dunnico

Photism My blog about photography, with occasional digressions about bikes and stuff:

DDCC.TV The website for my project ‘Reality TV’, the rise of CCTV surveillance:

Ministry of Fear My microsite about how security makes you scared: My general photography from the days when I was a happy snapper:

DDTV My flickr stream where I posted weekly updates from my CCTV documentary project. Not currently being added to (unless someone wants to buy me a flickr pro account?) 

Videos My videos on Vimeo 

Books Read and download my books from Issuu 

Buy Blurb Books If you must add to the world’s paper mountain, buy my books from Blurb 


About daviddunnico

Aye up – I'm a documentary photographer from Manchester in the UK. This is an occasional blog all about me, me, me. Well actually it's just about my photography.
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